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The Village Down River is located on 150 acres originally known as the White Hall Manor Estate. The White family was one of the Eastern Shore’s first settlers who owned the land beginning in 1627. For over 250 years descendants occupied the White Estate, fishing the waterways and farming the fields.

Salisbury, Md. Postcard    Salisbury, Md. Postcard    Salisbury, Md. Postcard    Salisbury, Md. Postcard   

Salisbury, Md. Postcard    Salisbury, Md. Postcard    Salisbury, Md. Postcard   

Mr. Thomas H. White was the most notable member of the family. He was an inventor, politician, farmer, businessman, ship captain, poet and author during his long life. He was admired and respected by local residents for his generosity and good will. All that knew him well claimed that "he carried sunshine with him and that darkness disappeared with his approach."

When Mr. White died in 1931, he was 92 years of age and known as the "Grand Old Man of the Eastern Shore." He was the second oldest resident of Wicomico County. White sired 16 children during his lifetime, and many of his descendants still reside in Wicomico County.

During the middle of the 20th century, the property was a safe harbor for the Menhaden Fishing Fleet, trawlers which fished the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The site's deep harbor and low salinity made it an excellent location to dock the boats during the winter months.

The Wicomico River is a 24.4-mile-long (39.3 km) tributary of the Chesapeake Bay on the eastern shore of Maryland. It drains an area of low marshlands and farming country in the middle Delmarva Peninsula. The name "Wicomico" derives from the words wicko mekee, meaning "a place where houses are built," apparently referring to an Indian town on the banks.

The gentle free-flowing river is a popular destination for recreational canoeing, kayaking and sport fishing, as well as recreational fishing and crabbing. The river has also become a hotspot for water sports such as wakeboarding and water skiing due to its consistently smooth surface. Barge traffic on the river has made Salisbury the primary shipping points for goods on the Delmarva Peninsula over the last several centuries. Two automobile cable ferries cross the river at the at Whitehaven and Upper Ferry.

Today, the White Estate has been transformed into the region's most exclusive and environmentally friendly waterfront community. The Village Down River consists of 49 estate home sites surrounded by field, forest, pristine wetland and three waterways.